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California stormwater regulations are complex and ever-changing, and we know that finding useful resources that are up-to-date is very difficult. Water 414 is committed to providing quality services to help companies navigate this legislative minefield, and so are providing SMARTS program document templates free of charge. Please keep in mind that these documents are only for individual use, they are not for sale, and due to the variation and site-specific nature of regulations and requirements we cannot certify their accuracy for any given facility without further modifications--they are merely a tool to help you meet permit requirements. If you need assistance in using them, wish to make them site-specific, or need a consultant, we are here to help. 

Monthly Dry Form

Use this form to document all DRY weather monthly observations required by your SWPPP. Observations should come after a period of 48 hours with no discharge.

Monthly Wet Form

This fillable PDF form helps document visible observations, and water quality parameters during stormwater discharges. Use it any time water is flowing from your facility. 

Sample Chain of Custody

This generic Chain of Custody may be used to accompany a sample to the lab. Check with your SWPPP to ensure you have included all constituents, have the correct jar type, and number of jars, labels, etc.

Training Sign-In Sheet

Any time you need to document training, you can download this form and make modifications as needed.

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A 30 minute PP presentation

For those of you that need to use the California stormwater portal (SMARTS), this PP provides screenshots and some assistance to help you navigate the pages. SMARTS is getting easier as updates are made. There are still a few gray areas, and entering lab data is a bit tricky for first-time users. If after viewing this PP you still have questions, we would be happy to help.  

Certified Person Training- Sampling

1- hour Presentation

This PowerPoint discusses the elements of a quality control program that can be used to ensure your facility personnel is familiar with when, where, how, and what to sample in your stormwater discharges. It covers calibration, Chain of Custody use, sample container types, and volumes, as well as the EPA test methods.  

SWPPP Manager/ Supervisor Training

45-60 minute Presentation

Managers and supervisors need to understand the program elements of the SWPPP and how industrial operations are not be integrated into the Industrial General Permit. This PP presentation is approximately 1-hour in length and covers the general permit, Best Management Practices, SMARTS reporting, and sampling.

Facility Personnel Training

30-minute presentation

Although this PP was directed more towards scrap metal facility employees, many of the BMP and examples provided are universal to manufacturing industry. The presentation is about 30-minutes in length. It can easily be edited to fit your needs more specifically. 

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