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 Our staff of Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner (QISP) will help you move forward with stormwater management administration. We will work on:

  • Updating and verifying the stormwater site map, confirming its accuracy and ensure that required all program elements are included
  • Evaluate structural BMPs
  • Evaluate non-structural BMPs
  • Determine if the facility is subject to 303(d) impaired water body restrictions
  • Submit laboratory samples for analysis, prepare chain of custody and, if necessary, ensure Table “D” parameters are included (lab testing fees are to be paid separately from this agreement)
  • Prepare AdHoc Reports and upload to SMARTS
  • Review the Stormwater Plan regularly for accuracy and make notations when changes are needed or observed.
  • Make recommendations for treatment, filtration and advanced BMP.
  • Complete Annual Report
  • Be available to respond to any Notice of Violation from an Agency inspection or a Non-governmental organization (NGO) notice of intent to sue

Annual Stormwater Consulting Service

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